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Oscommerce has two branches, the spiritually inclined Zen-Cart and commercially inclined Cre-Loaded.

Both use same codebase as osc and have a rich set of features. Cre has more intitutive and better looking admin as compared to zen cart and understandably so as CRE has a company behind it.

Altough both have pretty similar basic features there is a subtle difference in the way they treat categorie...

Around 3,500 magazines are in circulation in India.

Source: Namaste London
The scene where Akshay Kumar give a patriotic speech to a firang on Indian Culture. He says 3.5k magazines are circulated in India.

Now how credible is that
Advance Tax
Payment Dates for Advance Tax:

14th September
14th December
14th March

Now what exactly is advance tax.

As the name suggests Advance Tax is basically the tax you pay in advance on the basis of your assessed income. For example I expect to earn 10 lakh in current financial year then I pay tax on this estimated income.

I can pay it on either of 3 dates.

Just wondering why do we need something like...
Thinking without Words!!
An interesting thought occurred to me recently, Can you think without words?? Almost all of our thinking is done in words and what if someone does not know any language, how would he think (if at all!!) I guess in that case mental processing will be done in form of images (imagination).
Infact there is experimental data suggesting it. (I am applying for next years nobel prize!)