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    Time is yours to define

    A precious commodity when used consciously, time is opportunity. It’s time to live your best life.

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    Our Journal

    • February 17, 2016 Product Integration

      Consider Integration:

      Talk to the people who build the products that integrate with your product.  Learn how to operate their product and perform integration tests that are otherwise being automated via mocks. You just can’t beat the real thing.

    • August 09, 2015 Faster Feedback
      Faster Feedback

      Faster Feedback


      Everybody wants faster feedback.  Humans can deliver faster feedback than automation engineers on new testing.  Machines are faster on old testing (e.g., regression testing).  Report back on what works and doesn’t while the automation engineer is still writing new test code.



    Give the gift of time to someone else.

    Changing the world, one wrist at a time.
    August Berg has partnered with the Human Practice Foundation and for every watch sold, together we will give a child in Asia and Africa at least 6 months of quality education, and with 20,000 watches we will build a school together. 

    The aim is to have a long term positive impact for children, their families and their community across Asia and Africa.

    Join us in giving the gift of time to someone else.