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00 - Zodiac Necklace

00 - Zodiac Necklace

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18KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver

16" + 2" Extender Box Chain Necklace

18MM Pendant Size

Our Zodiac Coin Necklace shows your zodiac sign on a coin set gently in the necklace. Choose your zodiac and let it help you in every task you set your mind to. This necklace will remind you to lead you to advice that you need to hear. Whether it be the bitter truth or something that you've been waiting to hear for ages, your zodiac will guide you to it and make you understand it.

The Zodiac Coin Necklace, represents each of 12 zodiac sign around the frame! The zodiacs are constellations assigned to each month to correlate their significance and help us understand ourselves better spiritually through the help of cosmic knowledge, and you can choose your horoscope to define you. The astrological projections of the stars shine down on us and guide us through each month. If one learns astrology they can find the meanings each sign will bring forth every day by reading the stars.

You may choose the setting of your jewelry by deciding which zodiac you want to decorate your delicate and mesmerizing coin necklace with. You get to choose any of the 12 zodiac signs. They are all available so no one has a chance of getting left out! The beautiful coin also has options in its striking metal! You may choose between the luminous pure 925 sterling silver or the bold and perfect 14k gold vermeil. This magnificent coin is handmade along with the thin, smooth box styled chain that has the length of 16" + 2" extender. What’s your zodiac star sign?

Pendant size: 18mm

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